The KILROY Impact Challenge is a slow travel competition for the adventurous, yet everyday traveler powered by KILROY. Teams of travelers will zig-zag through Eastern Europe while racking up points during exciting challenges meant to leave an impact on the communities visited, the environment, and self. Join with a small team of friends or by yourself, we guarantee it will be both fun and challenging!

The challenge was born in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as a new and alternative way to travel in a world with ever changing restrictions. The flexibility of the Interrail pass allows travelers to make changes to their route on-the-go and the opportunity to add impactful experiences and go off the beaten path in search of the WTF moments that wait to be discovered and will stick with you forever!



Since our early beginnings, our purpose has been to make travelling easy by offering tailor-made expert advice and affordable trips for young people. So, if you dream about studying in Japan, we can help you do that. Or if you’ve always wanted to go backpacking in South America or embark on a great Interrail adventure, we can assist you in planning that, too. Whether it comes to studying abroad, doing volunteer work or simply seeing other sides of the world, we specialize in making that experience as great as it could be. Because we believe that travelling the world and experiencing other cultures has a profoundly positive impact on you.



The impacts of traveling should not be underestimated. A journey isn’t just ‘time off’. It’s an experience. We believe that traveling the world and seeing different cultures makes for a better you, and thus, a better world.

Experience taught us that the person who ends a journey is different from the one who started it. So, traveling is much more than just leaving home. It’s meeting the world. New people, new places, new perspectives.

To us, these elements can make for a powerful force for good. They can shift mindsets and give us a new outlook on the world. To understand and embrace differences with an open mind. We believe this creates a stronger global community and "sharedness" that can help minimize conflicts. Understanding this unfolds an open mindset and preents prejudice - which is exactly what we need in the world right now. 

That’s why we believe in the power of travel.


In recent years the Travel Industry has gotten a little lost, but not in a good way. Too many weekend flights to New York and all-inclusive holidays with no interaction with the local communities.

KILROY is on a journey. We acknowledge our responsibility in making the world a better place through travel - and the Impact Challenge is one of our initiatives to change this. Being responsible is more than just skipping the flights. It's as much about making sure the money stays in the local communities, protecting and respecting the places we visit, preventing over touristed cities, and securing animal welfare.

It's about reflecting more about WHY we travel and HOW our money can benefit instead of harm. We should allow ourselves to get lost in a good way on our travels, both mentally and physically. Getting out on the road talking to locals and experiencing countries for longer than just the average week vacation, leaving space for flexibility and to get out of our comfort zone.  That is what we try to achieve with the Impact Challenge. 

We are not perfect and neither are you (probably). But if we keep on trying and making an effort, together we can make a difference and change the world for the better.


Travel made for you

Traveling the world should be fun, easy and meaningful. That’s literally why we exist. Our team of advisors will make sure you’re prepared before and during your trip. Whether you feel like studying abroad or simply seeing the world though a new lens, we can ensure you do it the best way possible.

Travel like you mean it

Not a fan of tourist traps and wasting your time abroad? Good. We feel the same. With us, a team of travel advisors will provide you with tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your time abroad.

Get more, pay less

When KILROY was born in 1991, our purpose was to make travelling affordable to young people. That hasn’t changed one bit. We collaborate with the best airlines, train networks, surf schools, suppliers and NGO's to make sure you get the best prices and most memorable experience out there.